United Way Month and 60 Years of Local Love

Starting November 1st we are celebrating United Way month in Saskatoon. As part of this month we are recognizing and celebrating 60 years of local love in our community.

United Way of Saskatoon and Area was founded in 1959 when business, labour and community leaders joined together to create an organization focused on create a better place to live for everyone.That year they raised $313,354

Over the past 60 years United Way of Saskatoon and Area has raised over $119 million dollars for our community’s most vulnerable people supporting agencies and initiatives that focus on kids, community and poverty.

It is because of the dedicated support of volunteers, staff, corporations, board, committees, Loaned Representatives, labour unions, and donors, United Way has been able to change thousands of lives in and around Saskatoon for 60 years.

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