Campaign Representative Program

The Campaign Representative Program is an intensive deep-dive into the world of Non-Profit and Philanthropy. Participants will grow and be challenged as they learn what it takes to make change in the community.


United Way’s Campaign Representatives join United Way from outside organizations for 16 weeks; helping with our workplace fundraising, and ultimately helping to change lives in our community.

United Way’s Campaign Representative (Campaign Rep) program offers a unique professional, personal and community development experience for an exceptional employee in your workplace.

Campaign Reps are sponsored by their employer to work at United Way for a 16-week period. These individuals play an integral role in ensuring United Way workplace fundraising campaigns result in the greatest impact for our community. United Way’s workplace fundraising campaigns are a major source of revenue and are a critical component in our ability to address the root causes of the complex issues that face our community.

Benefits for Employees



  • Participants will be tasked with overseeing organizational accounts and reporting on the progress
  • Account management will build participants strategic thinking and organization skills


  • Participants will be enrolled in a public speaking and presentation skills workshop
  • Participants will be tasked with giving regular presentations on behalf of United Way


  • One-On-One mentorship with a member of United Way’s senior leadership team
  • An investment in future leadership through goal setting and coaching


  • Participants will be tasked with keeping track of campaign progress as well as important dates and times
  • Participants will need to structure their time appropriately to meet campaign needs


  • Participants will have a variety of networking opportunities with corporate accounts, agencies, board members and the wider public
  • Participants will be encouraged to attend all special events that occur during the duration of their term at United Way


  • Participants will be required to foster relationships that benefit both the annual campaign and the future relationships of United Way
  • Participants will see firsthand experience of agency work and will have opportunities to work closely with those agencies

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Christine Reilly
Annual Campaign Coordinator

Kaitlyn ProllCampaign Representative Program