GenNext brings together people in their 20s and 30s to join United Way of Saskatoon and Area’s efforts to change lives. Through networking events and initiatives organized by United Way and the GenNext Volunteer Council, Saskatoon’s emerging leaders are given the opportunity to learn more about the issues facing our city, connect with like-minded individuals, and create lasting change in our community.

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What Is GenNext About?

The chance to support and give back to your community and city. Make a difference in our community by doing meaningful, hands-on volunteer projects with local community organizations. Develop a deeper understanding of the social and economic challenges that face our city and how you can help. The opportunity to interact with the GenNext network and develop valuable, lasting friendships.

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Join the GenNext Council

Join a group of young professionals passionate about making an impact on our community. The GenNext Council helps guide GenNext networking, education, and philanthropic activities throughout the year

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GenNext is excited to engage with you in this socially distanced world. Doorstep Donations is a new way for you to stay involved and support initiatives led by the United Way. 

What is a Doorstep Donation?

Throughout the year GenNext will collaborate with local organizations to collect items that are needed most (e.g., menstrual products, food donations, school supplies, winter clothing). 

Doorstep Donations is an easy and safe way to support your community. You will purchase the products in need, register for a pick-up online and our GenNext team will arrange a time to pick up your donations right from your doorstep, and get the items where they need to go! 

Our team will photograph your donation from a safe distance and share it on our social media channels. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to tag you so that your followers can see your generosity and join in on the fun! If you hate pictures or don’t want them posted on social media, we’ll respect your privacy and reserve our best air-fives for you.

It’s that simple!

Learn more about Doorstep Donations

Show Your #LocalLove

GenNext invites you and your friends to show some #LocalLove through a variety of unique volunteer opportunities offered through United Way. These opportunities will allow you to learn more about the mission of GenNext, meet other GenNexters and make a meaningful impact right here in Saskatoon.

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