Doorstep Donations

GenNext is excited to help you support our community even when you’re not able to attend Mix & Mingles. Doorstep Donations is a new way for you to stay involved and support initiatives led by GenNext and United Way. 

What is a Doorstep Donation?

Throughout the year GenNext will collaborate with local organizations to collect items that are needed most (e.g., menstrual products, food donations, school supplies, winter clothing). 

Doorstep Donations is an easy and safe way to support your community. You will purchase the products in need, register for a pick-up online and our GenNext team will arrange a time to pick up your donations right from your doorstep, and get the items where they need to go! 

Our team will photograph your donation from a safe distance and share it on our social media channels. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to tag you so that your followers can see your generosity and join in on the fun! If you hate pictures or don’t want them posted on social media, not to worry – pictures are not required.

It’s that simple!

GenNext Doorstep Donation – Mix, Mingle & Mittten Skarting Party

Now until January 19, 2023

Doorstep Donations is back! This time we are collecting warm winter gear donations to provide to use the services of Prairie Harm Reduction and the Saskatoon Tribal Council.

GenNext can help you contribute to this event in 2 ways!

How do I sign up for a pick-up?

Check out the details of our featured collection drive below. Click the registration button to sign-up. Once you sign up for the event to schedule your pick-up time, you will receive directions on how you can make your Doorstep Donation donation.

Doorstep Donations

  • Buy new warm or collect gently used winter gear of your own. Mitts, toques, socks, scarves, jackets, boots, etc. If it will keep someone warm this winter, we will come and pick it up.
  • Fill out the form below and we’ll come to your doorstep and pick up your donation!
Paige GignacDoorstep Donations