Round Two Emergency Community Support Fund Recepients

United Way of Saskatoon and Area is pleased to share an update on the recipients of this second round of Emergency Community Support funding. Having received over 50 applications for community programs and services that support vulnerable community members, we have been able to distribute a total of $533,172 to organizations in Saskatoon and area.

“United Way of Saskatoon and Area is a proud partner in delivering funds to these important projects throughout central and northern Saskatchewan; helping to ensure the people of Saskatchewan are supported in times of unprecedented need the way Saskatchewan communities and organizations have adapted to respond to changing needs and disruption has been inspiring and speaks to the resiliency of our communities.  United Way is honoured to be able to support this resilient spirit to help keep communities strong and support vulnerable individuals and families during COVID-19.”

Sheri Benson, CEO, United Way of Saskatoon and Area.

Funding Recepients

Birch Hills Public Library–Birch Hills

CHEP Good Food Inc.–Saskatoon

CJWW Denny Carr Secret Santa Foundation–Saskatoon

Eden Care Communities Foundation Inc.–Regina

Frontier College–Saskatoon

Haven Family Connections Incorporated (Crisis Nursery)–Saskatoon

Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan–Saskatoon

PA Metis Women Association–Prince Albert

Prairie Harm Reduction Inc.–Saskatoon

Salvation Army in Canada–Saskatoon Temple–Saskatoon

Sanctum Care Group Inc.–Saskatoon

Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming Inc.–Saskatoon

Saskatoon Council on Aging–Saskatoon

Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service Inc.–Saskatoon

Saskatoon Friendship Inn–Saskatoon

Star City Library–Star City

Start2Finish Canada–Saskatoon

The kidney Foundation of Canada–Saskatoon

The Lighthouse Supported Living–Saskatoon

Young Women’s Christian Association of PA–Prince Albert


How Funding is Helping Our Communities

Here are 4 projects that the ECSF is helping to support in Central and Northern Saskatchewan. Each one is helping some of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities tackling #UNIGNORABLE issues like poverty, education inequality, domestic violence, and hunger.

Saskatoon Public Library

Athabasca Health Authority

For the funding flowing through the Athabasca Health Authority, $25,000 will be allocated to provide food security for vulnerable populations in Stony Rapids, Uranium City, Camsell Portage, Black Lake and Fond du Lac. Due to increased isolation through road closures due to COVID-19, many residents in these communities have been faced with desperation, and a lack of financial resources and goods to feed their families adequately.

Kikinanhk Friendship Centre


The funding flowing through Kikinahk will support the undertaking of a shelter program and will amount to $25,000.00. The mandate of the shelter program is to provide Covid Safe housing, transportation, and nutrition. As the cold weather progresses, Kikinahk is working to prevent deaths from freezing, malnutrition, and substance abuse.

Gabriel Dumont Institute

Montreal Lake Cree Nation

$25,000.00 will flow through the Montreal Lake Cree Nation, providing community outreach and engagement, and delivering new models, tolls, programming, and services or resources. The Montreal Lake Cree Nation strives to maintain the social, economic, and political bases of the First Nations people, including their rights to land and resources, to culture, to language, and to self-government and self-determination.

Paige GignacECSF Recipients Round Two