Thank you! You are helping local kids be all that they can be.

You are helping Kids Be All That They Can Be! Children need a good start in life to become healthy adults. They need access to early literacy and developmental programs, positive school experiences during the middle years, and the support to graduate from high school. They benefit from recreational activities, mentorship, and opportunities to discover and develop their talents and interests. United Way is working to address these needs by granting funds to agencies whose programming is focused on:

  1. Readiness for kindergarten
  2. Achievement of grade-level reading
  3. Readiness for independence

Thanks to your act of local love, kids like Sylvanna can receive mentorship, build confidence, and be supported to further their education.

“Being part of a United Way funded program is what paved my way to go to university.

Neither of my parents went to university—as of right now, I am the first person in my family to attend. I always told the program staff that I didn’t know what I wanted to do; I was always unsure. But they gave me a lot of support. We did a lot of interview sessions. And specific supervisors guided me—because a lot of my programs required essays, and I was like, ‘What if this program is not for me? What if I’m not good enough?’ But they would help me; they read through all my essays before I submitted them, and we brainstormed everything together. And they’d tell me, ‘Don’t worry, you can do this. You’ll get in.’

Right now, I’m in my first year of an Integrated Science program. This is one of the programs that I had to write an essay, and a supervisor helped me. They only accepted 50 people out of all the applicants, so I really, honestly did not think I was going to get in. But the supervisor told me to just go for it. When I got in, I literally cried. I purposely applied to a collaborative program because I had such good experiences at this United Way-funded program.”

Watch Sylvanna’s Story HERE.


WHAT WE KNOW – Child Poverty

1 in 4 children in Saskatchewan lives in poverty.



  1. 119 children and youth were able to attend before and after school programming, and 83% of the children indicated feeling proud and confident as a result.
  2. 406 children were paired with adult mentors, increasing their confidence and feelings of belonging. 82% were from low include families.
  3. 2,229 emergency food packs were distributed to youth at a drop-in centre.


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Kaitlyn ProllThank you! You are helping local kids be all that they can be.