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Date Posted September 25, 2023
Expiry Date of Posting Ongoing
Organization Name Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc.
Contact Name Julia Adamson
Mailing Address 210 Appleby Court
City Saskatoon
Postal Code S7M 4B2
Phone Number 3063805368
Fax Number
Email Address friendsafforestation@gmail.com
Web Site https://stbarbebaker.wordpress.com/
Position Title 🌱 Shape the Future of Green Spaces! Join Us as a Volunteer Board Member 🌳
Job Description

Are you passionate about nature, equity, and community? The Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas are seeking dedicated board members to champion inclusivity and conservation.

Your Impact:

Strategic Planning: Contribute to shaping the direction of our organization.
Inclusive Initiatives: Ensure equity for all groups and communities.
Event Organization: Help organize engaging events and activities.
Grant Applications: Assist in securing vital funding for projects.
Educational Outreach: Develop materials and share knowledge about our environment.
Advocacy: Advocate for equality, diversity, and sustainability.
Social Media Awareness: Amplify our message through social platforms.
Storytelling: Share stories about history, culture, ecology, and more.
Meaningful Partnerships: Foster collaboration with Indigenous communities and diverse groups.

Why Join Us?

Be part of Saskatoon’s commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
Work towards Environmental Leadership and a better Quality of Life for all.
Contribute to the first pilot master plan for the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area.
Embrace dialogue on Truth And Reconciliation, Indigenous Languages, and global sustainability.
Support UN Decades on Healthy Ageing, Ecosystem Restoration, and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Equity & Inclusion Matter:
We invite representation from all equity-deserving groups, including Indigenous peoples, racialized communities, persons with disabilities, newcomers, youth, seniors, and more. Your voice matters!

Join us in our mission to safeguard and enhance the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area and George Genereux Urban Regional Park. Together, we can foster a greener, more inclusive Saskatoon. Email us to get involved and make a lasting impact. 🌍🌿 Applicants should be from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada please

Skills Required Do you have any of the following: An interest in nature, forests, trees. Cultivate Change: Shape green spaces with your passion for nature and community. Forest Advocate: Champion trees, forests, and inclusive community growth. Community Steward: Bridge the gap between nature and inclusivity. Green Heart, Green Mind: Unite your love for nature and fostering community. Inclusive Arborist: Nurturing trees and diversity in our green spaces. Rooted Visionary: Transform landscapes with your commitment to community. Diversity Cultivator: Embrace trees, inclusivity, and community enrichment. Greener Together: Building forests and unity in our neighborhoods. Nature's Ally: Amplify the connection between green spaces and community. Sustainable Changemaker: Foster nature and community through inclusivity. Branching Out: Linking trees, community, and inclusive growth. Inclusivity Guardian: Defend both nature and community with us. Forest-Minded Leader: Guiding our path to inclusive green spaces. Community Forest Advocate: Empower our growth through inclusivity. Unity Cultivator: Nurturing trees, nature, and an inclusive community. Green Dreams, Inclusive Realities: Making our community greener for all. Nature's Friend: Connecting forests, trees, and people with inclusivity. Community Arborist: Strengthening green spaces, trees, and unity. Inclusive Nature Lover: Merging nature, trees, and community with heart. Growth Catalyst: Catalyzing nature, inclusivity, and community expansion. Diverse Ecosystem Builder: Constructing thriving green spaces and community. Inclusive Arbor Advocate: Advocating for trees, inclusivity, and community. Rooted in Unity: Fostering green spaces that embrace inclusivity. Green & Inclusive Visionary: Envisioning unity through nature and trees. Community Green Thumb: Making our spaces flourish with trees and inclusion.
Benefits to Volunteer Impactful Contribution: Shape the future of green spaces, leaving a lasting impact on your community. Inclusive Leadership: Play a vital role in promoting inclusivity and diversity in environmental initiatives. Personal Growth: Gain valuable leadership skills and enhance your resume. Environmental Advocacy: Advocate for nature, forests, and green spaces at a community level. Community Engagement: Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network. Meaningful Connections: Forge friendships with others who share your passion for the environment. Skill Development: Hone your communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Empowerment: Be part of decision-making processes that shape the direction of green spaces. Hands-On Experience: Gain practical experience in organizing events, tours, and community projects. Personal Fulfillment: Experience the satisfaction of contributing to a cause you're passionate about. Learning Opportunities: Access workshops, training, and resources to broaden your knowledge. Environmental Awareness: Enhance your understanding of conservation, ecology, and sustainable practices. Showcase Leadership: Demonstrate your commitment to community and environmental causes. Contribute to Equity: Make a difference by ensuring all communities benefit from green spaces. Collaboration Skills: Learn to collaborate effectively with diverse individuals and groups. Networking: Connect with professionals and organizations in the environmental sector. Inspire Change: Be a role model for others, encouraging them to join the environmental movement. Personal Satisfaction: Experience the joy of seeing green spaces thrive due to your contributions. Supportive Environment: Work with a team that values your input and supports your growth. Environmental Education: Learn about the local ecosystem, habitats, and their significance. Positive Community Impact: Contribute to creating healthier, more vibrant greenspaces Be a Voice: Advocate for sustainable practices, nature education, and community engagement. Outdoor Connection: Enjoy spending time outdoors while nurturing the environment. Recognition: Gain recognition and gratitude from the community for your volunteer efforts. Leave a Legacy: Leave a positive mark on your community for generations to come.
Days/Times Flexible
Suitable For Adults (18 and over)
People with physical challenges
Small Groups (2-4 people)
Large Groups (5 people of more)
Work With Children
Youths (ages 8-12)
Teens (ages 13-17)
Adults (18 and over)
People with physical challenges
People with mental challenges
Position Duration Ongoing (more than 3 months)
Specific Dates
Application Deadline Ongoing
Application Procedure Email

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