What is the difference between 211, 311, 411, 811, and 911?

These special x-1-1 numbers are assigned by the CRTC to make it easier for Canadian residents to find help when they need it, but it can be confusing if you aren’t sure which one to call.

211 is the number to call for information on community-based health, social and government services.  It is the number to call when you need help but aren’t sure where to turn.

911 is the number to call for life-threatening emergencies; however, many Canadians are calling 911 for other reasons that are better handled by 211 Navigators.

In some provinces, 811 is the number that residents call for help finding health information and services.

In large cities, 311 is the number established to access information about municipal services (such as by-law enforcement, road repairs, garbage collection, municipal recreation programs, property taxes, etc).

411 is the number that residents call for business or residential listings (phone book/yellow pages).

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