211 Saskatchewan

Connect with resources
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United Way is leading the implementation of 211 throughout Saskatchewan to help improve access to services
and support the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for everyone in our province.


211 is a free, confidential, service that connects individuals to human services in the province by telephone, text, or online chat,
plus a searchable website with over 6,000+ listings of community, government and non-clinical health services across the province.


A significant barrier for individuals and families to accessing the services they need is the complexity of finding the information they are looking for.  Whether it is finding assistance with basic needs such as food, shelter and employment, looking for support for an aging parent, or trying to find childcare, navigating through all of the information out there can be overwhelming, confusing and ultimately a roadblock to finding support.



211 provides access to community, non-emergency health and government services and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Available in over 175 languages, including 17 Indigenous languages available over the phone. 211 helps first responders, social workers, police, and other service providers find accurate information to direct people to the right resources, and relieving pressure on 911 by providing a more appropriate option in non-emergency situations.



233,261 unique visits were made to the 211 Saskatchewan website.


Basic Needs | 20%
Mental Health and Substance Use | 19%
Health Care | 17%
Income Support and Employment | 12%
Abuse/Assault/Violence | 7%
Organization/Community/International | 7%

211 Service Navigators answered 3,993 service inquiries. 253 Towns/Cities/Communities across Saskatchewan accessed 211.

Read the full 2023 211 Saskatchewan Annual Report HERE.


Launched in December 2021, with support from the Government of Saskatchewan, the Interpersonal Violence Site has provided those facing challenges a centralized location to find and get the help they need. Those seeking help can quickly find confidential supports, emotional assistance, safety planning, and access to resources such as shelters and legal aid. The site also plays a crucial role in crisis intervention, connecting survivors with emergency services when necessary.

In 2023:

20,000 unique visitors to the Interpersonal Violence Site.
41% increase in visits from 2022.
23,000 pages of resources accessed.



Parent Central provides reliable information and resources for parents and caregivers of children aged 0 – 6 in Saskatchewan. Since launching in 2021, with on-going support from the Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Education, Parent Central has connected families, and those who serve them, to supports and programs across the province. From the early stages of pregnancy to the first day of kindergarten, our platform is designed to support parents and caregivers every step of the way. Parent Central offers a wealth of information on childcare, child development, child health, safety, and wellness, all available 24/7.

In 2023:

21,000 unique visitors to Parent Central.
162% increase in visits from 2022.
190,000 pages of resources accessed.



In Saskatchewan, the expansion of crisis hotline services represents a critical step towards addressing the complex issue of gender-based violence. This initiative, delivered by United Way’s 211 Saskatchewan, Family Service Regina with funding through the Government of Saskatchewan, seeks to provide comprehensive support for individuals at risk of perpetrating violence, employing a trauma informed approach at its core. Since launching in November 2023, the heart of this program lies a commitment to accessibility and confidentiality. The expanded services are available 24/7 and comes at no cost to the callers, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder those in need from seeking help.

In 2023:

4,200 unique visitors to the RE:CONNECT site.
1,800 minutes of support provided.
176 referrals to support programs and services.


Thank you to our sponsor!

“211 Saskatchewan is key to helping people navigate services and programs for each unique situation. We’re proud to support this incredible resource for Saskatchewan residents that helps build Health Literacy and connections for our communities.” – Kelly Wilson, President and CEO, Saskatchewan Blue Cross

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