Helping kids be all that they can be

Why is this focus area important?

Children need a good start in life to become healthy adults. They need access to early literacy and developmental programs; positive school experiences during the middle years and the support to graduate from high school. They benefit from recreational activities, mentorship, and opportunities to discover and develop their talents and interests.



United Way helps kids be all that they can be by focusing on a child’s preparation for kindergarten; achievement of grade level reading and a confident journey toward independence.


87% of children and youth reported having a supportive relationship with their adult mentor.

88% of children and youth reported an increased self esteem as a result of before and after school programming and activities.

90% of children with learning disabilities improved their grades after focused and targeted therapy and tutoring sessions.

Lives Changed

When Jayce’s kids fell behind in reading a United Way program helped them improve their skills – and their confidence.

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Scott OakleyHelping kids be all that they can be