Indigenous Relations

A Journey Towards Authentic Engagement

Our community is strongest when everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Indigenous people continue to be over-represented in statistics related to homelessness, poverty, school readiness, and experiences of racism and discrimination. In order for our city to improve the quality of life for everyone, we need to ensure that community services are designed and delivered with our local people and priorities in mind. By authentically engaging the Indigenous community in decision-making, United Way can become more responsive and effective towards achieving better outcomes in the areas of housing, employment, early years education, and health services.

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United Way endorses the Truth & Reconciliation of Canada’s Calls to Action and is committed to improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable people in Saskatoon. We will ensure we consider and incorporate the Calls to Action into our organizational structure, community impact strategies and strategic direction of our organization.

United Way will specifically focus on Calls to Action #57, #66 and #92.

Indigenous Engagement Vision Statement

United Way of Saskatoon and Area recognizes the historic and contemporary importance of Indigenous people in our community. We are committed to enhancing the relationship between the Indigenous community and United Way of Saskatoon and Area and to modeling respectful engagement with Indigenous people.

Value Statement

Inclusion of the Indigenous community and respect for its culture, traditions and governance structures is a fundamental value of United Way of Saskatoon and Area.

United Way Centraide Canada’s Commitment to Reconciliation

United Way Centraide Canada (UWCC) is committed to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. As a national charity with deep local impact, we view reconciliation as an opportunity to honour Indigenous Peoples across this land and elevate our commitment to them. We will do this by:

  • listening to and learning from Indigenous members of our communities about Indigenous strengths and ways of knowing and being;
  • reflecting on the relationship that we have had with Indigenous Peoples;
  • collaborating with Indigenous communities and organizations whose objectives or work intersect with ours; and
  • embracing Indigenous voices, leadership, and participation in all aspects of our organization and the United Way Centraide

We will demonstrate our commitment to this journey by creating an Indigenous engagement strategy that is grounded in our relationships with Indigenous communities and integrated into our strategic plan, and by committing resources to it.

Read United Way Canada’s Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

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